Liminal Speaks!

Liminal Labs Lustration Station is pleased to present Liminal Speaks!, an annual artful conversation about whatever our featured guest wants to illuminate.

We’re kicking off Liminal Speaks!  with author and burner Cory Doctorow (Little Brother).

Walkaway: a burnerish sort of science fiction novel

Walkaway cover

Cory Doctorow’s 2017 novel Walkaway imagines a gift-economy society built on the fringes of a hyper-capitalist, hyper-unequal world in decline. A wasteland where bohemian makers build an automated luxury communist utopia out of the waste-stream of industrial civilization. Sound familiar?

‘We’re making a world where greed is a perversion. Where grabbing everything for yourself instead of sharing is like smearing yourself with shit: gross. Wrong.’

Let us gather together, and join Doctorow in a reading and discussion of the role the Burn played in the inspiration for this bestselling novel.

Thursday, Noon, at Liminal Labs camp (placement TBA)

Top image: boston dig