• DaVinci self-portrait

  • Maria del Camino lifted at night

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Welcometh to the wonder of Liminal Labs W’rkshop, as we bray out 17 years of Burning Sir with barely managed madness.

We wish to invite all to our spectrum of festive solar and lunar activities. Apothakary Pharmakon, Crusader Jack’s Panty Shack, Movie Mirror Obscura – presented for your enlightened patronage and delectation.

Rejoice! We also invite witness to the return of Maria del Camino, the goddess of transformative transportation, who, after a successful year of combo pilgrimage and tavern crawl, returns to illuminate the playa once again.

Find welcome via our beautiful LED-lit steel gate, a portal of wonder that will include a flaming homage to Leonardo’s Aerial Screw. Because who doesn’t loveth a burning hot screw?

All the gifs used were from giphy.com, except for Leonardo, which is from WiffleGif.com and the smiling woman, which is from gifmovie.tumblr.com.

Come visit our sites from 2015 and 2014!

Contact: limbo@liminallabs.com