We are pleased to announce the launch of the first annual Black Rock City Pillow Fight Tournament to be held daily in our street side arena. Featuring lusty luchadoras, sassy ring girls (and boys) & easily bribable referees with robust side hustles of gambling and sabotage. Need to settle an argument with your campmate? Playa hookup gone wrong? Forget the overwrought machismo of Thunderome. Come resolve your differences the civilized way and pummel them with a pillow!

Red Queens, Decadent doormice, Mad Hatters, Alices and Nemos (both Little and Captain) will converge on certain days to partake in our Extremely High Tea, a fully formal surreal tea party where attendees can admire and heckle the pillow combatants to wild acclaim while enjoying tea, delicious treats and bizarre distractions.┬áRemember, as always in Black Rock City – YOU’RE LUCID DREAMING RIGHT NOW.