Chandelier in Moon Gate, closeup

Fire Chandelier in Moon Gate and closeup

Liminal Labs Fire Chandelier 2016

Fire Safety Liaison Name: Don Hayler
Fire Safety Assistants: Jack Taylor, Thu Ho, Brian Lang, Jonathan Steuer, Nancy Robinson, additional…
Leave No Trace Lead: Thu Ho
This is the same flame effect that was approved, implemented, and inspected in 2015.

Flame Effect Scenario

Liminal Labs will have a fire chandelier suspended under the 12’ steel Moon Gate entrance to the camp. The fire chandelier will be Open Fire/Level Two. It will have a large stainless steel wool “wick”/pilot light/flame, but no accumulators. The fire will be lit by hand.

The chandelier will be suspended with the bottom of the chandelier 7′ above ground  level. There is no need for a burn platform due to the height of the flame.

The gate is secured against the wind with 10′ angle iron outriggers staked to the playa. Wind and treaded art car resistance have been tested successfully. The gate is constructed of non-flammable materials (i.e. steel mesh and square stock) so there are no concerns about the chandelier catching the gate on fire. The gate is the entrance to the camp and the nearest structures will be over 20′ away.

The flame effect will be run every night for an unspecified period of time between dusk and early morning, depending on the availability of a trained flame effects operator. In the past this has been for approximately 3 hours after dusk, but this timing may change. A flame effects operator will perform a safety check to ensure that all hoses, connections, tanks, and flame effects appear to be in good working order before starting the flame effect. A flame effects operator will be present at all times the chandelier is running. This person will be 21 years or older, trained in fire extinguisher usage, and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The chandelier will be extinguished before this person leaves the area, or operation of the chandelier will be transferred to another trained flame effects operator.

chandelier fire pod

Fuel pod for Fire Chandelier – cited for “Best Fire Practices” 2014

Burn Rate

In 2015 the flame effect was run for 2 to 3 hours per night for an approximate total of 20 hours of run time, during which it used 1.5 20lb propane tanks. Since these were likely slightly underfilled by commercial dealers, we estimate approximately 22.5 lbs of  propane was used, resulting in a run rate of 1.125 lbs/hour or .25 gallons per hour. We expect the total run time will be similar this year, although it’s possible we will run the effect longer.