The playa is a harsh mistress and overstimmed nights can lead to painful mornings. We at Pharmakon are expert in salving the wounds (both mental and physical) obtained during your nightly revels. Pharmakon, open mornings, is the best hangover recovery station on the playa, replete with a full menu of tried and true playa picker uppers. 

This year we have broadened Pharmakon’s offerings to include simple first aid items for (hapless) virgin burners who find themselves unprepared. We have found even seasoned burners can be surprised by the fragility of their bodies in our dusty wonderland. By offering various OTC remedies we hope to mitigate trivial demands on Rampart medical services and provide a gentle lesson in self-sufficiency along with the bandaid and a hug. (Unfortunately we will no longer be offering ameliorative trepanning or exorcisms as we broke the skull drill and drank all the holy water).

Pharmakon visitors 1
Pharmakon visitors

Pharmakon visitors 2
Helping Pharmakon visitors select appropriate unguents and nostrums

Another popular offering for pilgrims experiencing that ‘not so fresh’ feeling is FATHER JACK’S PANTY SHACK.

Eager participants in need of a little freshening up can score a dainty thong, beefy briefs or a naughty hybrid that tap dances on the line between decency and erotica. You never know what you’ll find when you put your hand inside the box of mystery but we can promise you’ll get rousing applause, catcalls and possibly even a consensual reacharound as you model your new underoos for our staff of helpful shackmasters.

Happy Panty Shack visitors
Happy Panty Shack visitors
Pharmakon menu
Pharmakon menu