We are excited to present Liminal Labs Lustration Station for the edutainment of our favorite place in the world, BLACK ROCK CITY!!!!  Lustration is the process of purification through an offering. The process of making something clean and pure, much like the desert scours us all. The root word “Lustrum” can also refer to a haunt of wild beasts or a den of vice, most fitting for BRC. We come ready to purify and sanctify, while we beautify all that alkali! 

Over 19 years on playa we’ve learned a lot, many of the lessons mapping well to our default lives.  In return, we very much want to give back in ways that are playful, full of heart, and that provide real value to one and all.

True to our name, Liminal Labs has always sought to unlock the place between sacred and profane, solace and stimulus.  Big words for a bunch of dusty scientists but we know our wheelhouse! Thoughtful observation of city dynamics has helped us create practical support for our fellow citizens in the form of our virgin initiation program (VIP), daily hangover recovery center, clean panties and eclectic nightly cinematic offerings on a 50-foot ‘screen,’ and our storied art car ‘Maria Del Camino’ returning for her fabulous fourth visit to Black Rock City. New this year, we offer ‘Liminal Speaks!,’ an annual artful conversation with a burner illuminati—this year, Cory Doctorow. Preach!

Liminal Labs has a long history of volunteering at the café, temple, Arctica, gate and flamethrower shooting range (god rest its soul), and as intrepid Rangers. This year we’re gunning for almost 100% volunteerism from all Lustration Station campers to give back to the city we love. Volunteering is one of our favorite things to do on playa—it’s a great way to engage with fellow burners and be productive while kicking ass and having a blast. We know that by bringing positive energy and cheerful perseverance we spread the cultural love and inspire others to do the same. We’re good about showing up for our shifts on time and we play nice with others.

Contact: limbo@liminallabs.com