Do mornings on the playa find you a little dazed and hazy? Liminal Labs have you covered! Each morning we happily welcome you to ROBOTOMAT, the delightful offspring of robots and an automat.

The human interface for ROBOTOMAT

Thoughtful observation of city dynamics has helped us create practical support for our fellow citizens via ROBOTOMAT, a sparkly hangover machine delivering playa specific treats along with playful interaction.

The playa is a harsh mistress and overstimmed nights can lead to painful mornings. The invisible engineers behind Robotomat are expert in salving the wounds both interior and exterior obtained during your nightly revels. Icy cold juices, vitamins, serotonin boosters and stomach soothers are all available from the gleaming facade of our many little doors.

Pharmakon visitors select unguents and nostrums
Virgins choosing helpful motor oil and rivets

ROBOTOMAT is the most well stocked hangover recovery station on the playa, replete with a full menu of our tried and true playa picker uppers (those 19 years have taught us a thing or three about staying in top form while still testing all limits to the max).

While the automated interface may at first seem impersonal, our on site technicians engage each participant to divine their true needs be they mystical or mechanical. We curate our offerings based on empirical data obtained in previous years and are fanatical about not creating any moop (no single serve items, no packaging, no debris).

We have found even seasoned burners can be surprised by the fragility of their bodies in our dusty wonderland. By offering various OTC remedies we hope to mitigate trivial demands on Rampart medical services and provide a gentle lesson in self-sufficiency along with the bandaid and a hug. (Unfortunately we will no longer be offering ameliorative trepanning or exorcisms as we broke the skull drill and drank all the holy water).