We are excited to present Liminal Labs ROBOTOMAT and CYBERNETIC CINEMA!!

This year we present a fat spectrum of daytime and nighttime interactivity.

Our 24-Hour Interactive Offerings for 2018:

ROBOTOMAT, a robotized automat dispensing playa necessities during the day

CYBERNETIC CINEMA, providing a host of mirrored movie magic at night

TOUCHY BLINKY, a 15 foot interactive LED art piece

LIMINAL SPEAKS, a public round table (or couch) conversation featuring authors, futurists and the not-so-artificial intelligence of a robust group of speakers

ART CAR. Our storied art car MARIA DEL CAMINO returns to the playa this year, having transitioned from diesel to a clean new electrical motor housed in a gleaming stainless steel case.

For the past five years our camp entry has been the glorious MOON GATE. Circular in shape, 13’ tall and 15’ wide, it is wrapped in perforated steel, allowing the programmable LED lights housed within its arc to dance and shine through at night. Additionally, three years ago, we added a FIRE CHANDELIER that hangs from the apex of the gate. Not only is this a beautiful feature, it’s also been cited by the fire safety team as an example of best practices in fire safety.


Liminal Labrats have a long history of volunteering at the café, census, Man watch, Temple build, Arctica, gate and even the Flamethrower Shooting Range (god rest its soul). We also have two rangers in camp and a delightful complement of fire dancers.

This year we’re gunning for 100% volunteerism from all Liminal campers to give back to the city we love. Volunteering is one of our favorite things to do on playa—it’s a great way to engage with fellow burners and be productive while kicking ass and having a blast. We know that by bringing positive energy and cheerful perseverance we spread the cultural love and inspire others to do the same. We’re good about showing up for our shifts on time and we play nice with others.

We offer a brightly lit frontage with delightful curb appeal (minus the curb). Of interest in our private areas we have ample recycling, use only 55 gallon water barrels (to prevent any need for small plastic water bottles) and two quiet generators (gas stored separately as per fire safety guidelines). We pre-reserve gray water pumping and are determined to always be fully green on the moop map.