Cybernetic Cinema

Liminal Labs’ CYBERNETIC CINEMA provides an egalitarian space where all life forms can experience an early but lasting form of virtual reality under the desert stars. Each night our mirrored projection system will present twinned tales of artful artificial intelligences, romantic robotics, cosmic cyborgs, and cautionary tales of identity development across our giant 50-foot screen.

In addition to CYBERNETIC CINEMA‘s inclusion in the Burning Man What Where When, our illuminated whiteboard will announce the evening’s offerings and our lit marquee will guide the way.

"CINEMA" light-up letters (nighttime, from across street) at frontage of Liminal Labs camp

CYBERNETIC CINEMA begins each night with a family-friendly feature preceded by short films curated for the littlest ‘bots of Black Rock City. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from families at Burning Man who appreciate an early evening event they can attend with the kids. And let’s face it, the movies are spectacular so plenty of grownups get drawn in to the early feature as well.

After the first feature we screen 2 or 3 additional mirrored selections for a more seasoned crowd, each with a program of short animations, music videos, and mini-docs. As always, Red Vines will be provided.

This year’s offerings include:

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and Tezuka’s animated Metropolis and Terminator

Fritz Lang's "Metropolis"

Tezuka's "Metropolis"

Silent Running and Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049

"Silent Running"

"Blade Runner"

Making Mr. Right  and I’m a Cyborg But That’s Okay and Robot Overlords

"Making Mr. Right"

"I'm a Cyborg but That's OK"

Robot Overlords - Gillian Anderson

Enthiran/Robot (Bollywood) and Demon Seed and Westworld


i, Robot and A Scanner Darkly and Tetsuo: the Iron Man

"I, Robot"


The Stepford Wives and Minority Report and Ghost in the Shell 

"The Stepford Wives"

And for the little ‘bots:

Iron Giant

"Iron Giant"



Astro Boy

"Blade Runner" animated

Big Hero Six

"Big Hero" animated



Short Circuit 

"Short Circuit"

Robotech: The Movie