Last year Liminal absorbed a record number of playa virgins as well as initiates from every corner of the world. This year we will welcome campers from Israel, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Korea, Montana, New York and even the odd Brexit refugee from the UK.

As determined culture ambassadors of BRC we execute our comprehensive Virgin Profiling Assessment (VPA) algorithms in camp and throughout the city to identify, lure and school first-timers. We query them about how they’re faring and test their understanding of the 10 Principles. For those in need of basic training (or old-timers with short memories), we guide them through moop vigilance, advanced hydration tactics (we’re always happy to fill anyone’s water bottle), sun and dust strategies, proper gifting protocols, opportunities for volunteering, and other playa-friendly facts and activities.

Graduates are sent out into the world to school others and to send us any recalcitrants for “special training.” We particularly appreciate it when one of our virgins returns to share their wide-eyed tales of “first year on the playa” hi-jinx.

This year Liminal Labs will provide special body stamps for every earnest freshman that’s done their homework, guaranteeing them all access to every spectacular burn and as many dance parties as their boots can carry them to.