Welcome to the Water Wars

Here’s the drill…

Sign up online in advance, or once you get to BRC, for our playa-wide water warfare tournament.

It’s time to Morph yourself into both assassin and target. We are Liminal Labs, creating a space for you to be BOTH/AND while our congenial camp is the space between, welcoming all weary hunters to THE NEUTRAL ZONE of  our cool and shady lounge.

 Once you’re on playa, REPORT TO LIMINAL LABS and check in to start your game.

  • Sign your consent form. We’re all about the fucking permissions.
  • Receive your dossier including target, their camp name,  playa name/assassin name.
  • Don the brightly colored  bracelet that marks you as a game participant.
  • Bring your own superior hardware in the form of a supersoaker/squirt gun or use one of ours (no guarantees of performance—we’re straight shooters but these dime store kiddie pistols maybe aren’t).  
  • Weapon Decorating Station will include googly eyes (to confuse your enemy), fuzzy balls (for some sheer tactile pleasure as you lie in wait) and brightly colored markers/nail polish/stickers. We will also offer disguises to confound your enemy!
  • Submit to rigorous ASSASSIN TRAINING where you will learn stalking techniques, accuracy, patience and exotic curses while enjoying target practice on the Liminal of your choice.
  • As a final hurdle, all assassins will test their mettle by running our in-camp obstacle course AKA THE GAUNTLET manned by LIMINAL LABS Special Ops agents, helping you develop evasive techniques for eluding your predator.  Warning: we’re all sharpshooters.
  • Finally, go forth to hunt your target down and deliver the drenching they deserve—if you can find them! Once you make your kill the target’s bracelet becomes your trophy. HOW MANY WILL YOU WIN?